Disk Filter

«With Pile Cloth Media Filter systems no pumping stations are needed.»

The disk filters were developed as a filtration system for larger installations. The filter cloth is mounted on the plastic segments, 6 units forming a filter disk, with up to 18 disks per filter module. Each disk has a filtration area of 5 m2, with 18 disks this represents 90 m² of filtration area per unit. The filter disks are fully immersed in the effluent therefore 100% of the filtering surface is used.

The water flows through the filter cloths, into the segments, passing into the central collection tube. From here it passes to the riser chamber before exiting over the outlet level control weir, all by gravity. Backwashing takes place on level and time, with backwash water coming from the centre tube and being discharged at 10m head to the return activated sludge lane or the head of the works.

During normal operation, with increasing solids deposition on the filter cloth, the hydraulic resistance of the filter system, and thus the level difference between raw and clean water level rises. At a level difference of 25 cm the cleaning of the filter is triggered. The filter disks are rotated slowly, and the deposited solids are removed by the suction device, without the filtration process being interrupted. Any settled solids in the filter tank are removed using the built in sludge pumps provided with every filter assembly.

Disk Filter Photo gallery

Disk Filter production program

Disk Filtration surface
SF2/10 2   10 m²
SF3/15 3   15 m²
SF4/20 4   20 m²
SF6/30 6   30 m²
SF8/40 8   40 m²
SF9/45 9   45 m²
SF10/50 10   50 m²
SF12/60 12   60 m²
SF15/75 15   75 m²
SF18/90 18   90 m²
SF21/105 21 105 m²
SF24/120 24 120 m²
SF27/135 27 135 m²