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Mecana AquaDiamond®


How Mecana AquaDiamond® works

Operation of the Mecana AquaDiamond is identical to Disk Filters. The water flows through the fully submerged filter structure from the outside to the inside, passing the pile layer and retaining the solids. Filtrate passes through the diamond grid profile and flows over the rising chamber and through the outlet weir. For filter cleaning, the platform runs along the filter surface. The cleaning system touches the filter medium directly and the solids are removed. The platform only moves during filter cleaning. The entire filter surface is cleaned within one cleaning cycle. Suspended solids are intermittently removed from the bottom of the filter.


Key Information

  • Up to eight filter holders per unit
  • Fits into existing Traveling Bridge sand filter tanks with minimal construction work
  • Variable speed drive platform and backwash pump respond immediately to load fluctuations in the influent
  • Innovative drive and tracking system prevents misalignment
  • Experience with filters for large hydraulic capacity up to over 7,900 m³/h
  • Available in various steel qualities (1.4301 oder 1.4404)

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