Pressure Drum Filter

«One of the advantages of the pressure drum filter is that it can be installed on the process line under system pressure.»

The Pressure Drum Filter (DTF) consists of a drum, the perforated casing is covered with a pile fabric filter cloth. In contrast to our gravity systems, the filter drum is arranged not horizontally in an open tank but vertically in an a pressure vessel.

The medium to be filtered flows through the filter cloth, in which the solids are deposited. The filtrate flows through the drum into the drain. With increasing solids retention, the hydraulic resistance and hence the pressure in the filter container increases. Achieved about 1.2 bar, cleaning of the filter is triggered. The drive is switched on and simultaneously open the flushing valve. During one revolution of the drum the filter is backwashed, however pressure in the filter is maintained at a minimum of 0.8 bar. The filtration process is not interrupted during the cleaning process, maintaining a continuous production of filtrate.

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