OptiFiber® filter media have been specially developed for water and waste water filtration. The pile fibres used are designed so that the removal of solids is maximized in a wide range of particle sizes. The three-dimensional fiber structure acts as a depth filter and offers, compared with microstrainers, a significantly higher solids holding capacity and requires correspondingly less backwashing.
During filtration the individual pile fibres lie flat to form a dense and effective barrier to suspended solids. During backwash, the fibers briefly stand vertically inside the suction header, so that the retained solids are easily removed.
The unique "open" shaped back design of the pile fabric filter cloth, with a porosity of 80 to 90%, allows for uniform flow over the entire filter area during operation. Therefore a high filtration performance is achieved while maintaining low hydraulic losses. In addition, it has the advantage that the interfibre porosity velocities are low (0.3 cm / sec). This imparts very low shear forces on the particles to be filtered and fracturing is minimised. (For comparison, the porosity at 10 microns micro-sieve is only about 4%).
An important point in the development of the cloth filter back was that an effective and thorough cleaning of the filter cloth during the backwashing phase had to be designed. Due to this a much longer service life and an almost constant performance, over many years of operation, can be realized without the need for chemical cleaning.

With OptiFiber® cloth filters Mecana has a unique trump card. 

Features and Benefits

  • Unique separation technology. A wealth of individual fibers offer a large internal surface area.
  • Higher solids holding capacity by three-dimensional fiber structure.
  • A suite of cloth filters for different applications available.
  • Excellent fully automatic cleaning using a single level sensor instrument.
  • No chemical cleaning required for the cloths.
  • High filter effluent quality and durability of the cloth fabrics.
  • Meets the requirements of a most difficult solids removal targets.

OptiFiber® is a registered trademark of Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.