Drum Filter

«Mecana Pile Cloth Media Filters are now used in almost all cases where solids must be removed.»

The Pile Cloth Media Filter is mounted on a horizontally positioned perforated drum. The raw water is supplied to the filter tank and flows through the filter cloth, wherein the solids are retained. The filtrate flows through the interior of the drum over the riser chamber and out to the level control weir.

During normal operation, with increasing solids deposition on the filter cloth, the hydraulic resistance of the filter system, and thus the level difference between raw and clean water level rises. At a level difference of 25 cm the cleaning of the filter is triggered. The filter drum is rotated slowly, and the deposited solids are removed by the suction device, without the filtration process being interrupted. Any settled solids in the filter tank are removed using the built in sludge pump provided with every filter assembly.

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