Mecana AquaDiamondTM

With the Mecana AquaDiamondTM Filter configuration the pile cloth media is mounted on diamond shaped plastic frames.
The filters were originally developed to retrofit into existing flat-bed sand filter or filter cells with semi-continuous backwashing (Traveling Bridge Filters).
Due to the unique design of the filter large filter surfaces can be realized in a small footprint and low hydraulic profile. The basins require only a very small depth of flow, these filters bringing great construction benefits particularly in difficult ground conditions.
Mecana AquaDiamondTM filters offer all the advantages of Pile Cloth Media Filtration.

  • 2-3 times higher flow rate compared to a traveling bridge filters
  • No intake pumping station required (gravity flow)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Insensitive to impact load
  • High operational reliability

The filters are fully immersed, therefore 100% of the filtering surface is used. The water flows through the filter cloth into the filter segments and is passed through the interior of segment to the effluent control weir.

 diamond 3D dwg w callouts

With increasing solids deposition on the filter cloth, the hydraulic resistance of the filter system, and thus the level difference between raw and clean water level rises. At a level difference of about 25 cm (or depending on the available amount) a backwash is triggered. The travelling bridge moves down the filter, suction headers run along the diamond cloths and remove the solids as in the filter but in a linear manner. Half of the laterals are cleaned on one pass, the remaining laterals are cleaned on the return pass. Any settled solids are wasted using the pumps built on to the bridge. Wastewater is returned to the head of the works.

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