Rotating Biological Contactor

«With the RBC the biodegradable contaminants are removed with very low power consumption»

Biodisk’s are rotating fixed bed reactors that are partially submerged in the wastewater. The biomass comes into contact with the air and wastewater alternately by the rotation of the disks. The contaminants are degraded by biochemical processes.

Area of Application

• Biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater
• For carbon removal and nitrification
• In the mixing and separation system
• For new installations or replacement of existing rotating biological contactors
• For connection sizes 50-30000 PE
• For the treatment of landfill leachate water
• For smaller expansion sizes as compact units
• For contaminated groundwater

Design Features

• Composite assembled disks, 6 or 8 individual segments
• Disk material PP, manufactured largely from recycled materials
• Shaft and bearing above the water level
• Direct drive
• Installation of any diameter from 2.0 m to 3.6 m
• Immersion depth 40 - 60%

Special Advantages

Open viewable biomass surface, no risk of clogging
• Entire disk surface can be used for design calculation without deduction
• Easily accessible bearings and drives
• Lower sludge production than in the activated sludge process
• Can be combined with a clarifier for fast settling sludge
• Lowest energy demand
• No sophisticated and expensive process engineering control required
• Very low maintenance
• Replacement of damaged rotating biological disks possible
• Durable engineered system due to 50 years of experience
• Nitrification even at low temperatures
• Reliable, robust and durable technology
• Low space requirement 


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