Srew Screens

«Combined screening and compaction of screenings.»

Screw Screens for mechanical cleaning of municipal and industrial wastewater. The capture of floating, settling or suspended solids from the wastewater is accomplished by forced flow through an obliquely installed strainer basket.

The solids in the suspension are deposited on the wire which gradually blocks, inducing a rise in the water level. When a maximum level is reached, the screw itself turns, cleaning the screen mesh, promoting the still very wet solids up into a compacting zone where they are compacted and drained before dropping from the screen.

Through built in injection washing devices in the basket, transportation sector and in the compacting zone, organic substances are washed from the screens and returned to the wastewater.

Mesh sizes from 0.25 - 10 mm are commonly provided. Specific customer-related applications are always considered.


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